Everyone has their wishes. When Christmas is coming, it’s time to make our wishes come true. The theme of ASKIT Annual Party 2021 was “A Wish Comes True”. After living under the pandemic for two years, we are so proud to say that our spirit of HAPPY AND SHARE is still shining.

On the night of 17th Dec 2021, we sat together on Zoom to meet each other with the wishes we had made. In the opening session of the party, our Director, Murphy Lai presented the awards to our excellent colleagues and thanked the efforts of everyone in the past years.

Surprisingly, many of our colleagues came back to the office to join us. It was a warm night that many of our wishes came into reality, in terms of both the lucky draws and the enjoyments. With the games and the funny jokes from our colleagues, we have enjoyed the party that was full of laughers and gifts.

Thanks to the support from our clients, partners and colleagues stretched for a long time, we have stepped up to another level this year. With this thankful heart, we will continue to work on what we believe in: creating win-wins in our long future.