It’s summer time; it’s sports time. Let’s moving moving! We have our friends and families  together at To Kwa Wan Sports Center on 23 Jul 2023 for the 2nd ASK IT Sports Day. When basketball is confirmed as our theme sport of the year, the music of Slam Dunk pops out of our minds. The boys are so existed about it.

We have around 3o participants this year. Four teams were formed – RED, YELLOW, BLUE, GREEN. During the tournament, the teams were paired up to compete in the first round, and the winners of each pair would go on to compete for first place, while the losers would compete for third place. After four rounds of fierce competition, the Green team emerged victorious as the Champion with the Blue team in second place and the Yellow team in third. Members of each team were awarded a medal based on their team’s rank.

This year’s Sports Day Most Valuable Players (MVP) went to Leung Jai and Chiman, the brother and partner of our colleagues. Additionally, we introduced two new awards: the Happiest Team Award, which was awarded to the Red Team, with Grace, being chosen as the Happiest Team Member. The second award, the Great Effort Team Award, was awarded to the Blue Team, with Olivia, our Recruitment Consultant, being chosen as the Outstanding Team Member.

At the end of the day, regardless of the competition’s outcome, the most important thing is that everyone had a good time. We would like to thank our Sports Day Committee for doing such an amazing job at organizing this year’s Sport Day!