ASK IT received the Top 5 Happy SMEs To Work For Award again for the Year 2023. We focus on employee happiness through wellness, transformation, unity, and transparency creating a positive work environment, leading to high engagement and satisfaction.

We prioritize employee happiness through diverse initiatives. In the realm of Corporate Wellness, we value our employees and their role in ensuring customer satisfaction. Fitness challenges with cash rewards promote physical well-being and knowledge sharing. The “Wall of Wishes” fulfills employees’ desires, fostering fulfillment and belonging.

The company enhances operational efficiency through technology and digital solutions. Going paperless and using cloud storage streamline processes and offer workspace flexibility. Digital tools and performance monitoring optimize service quality. Free training and book sharing club support skill development and work attitude.

Oneness Team initiatives organize enjoyable events, annual dinners, and celebrations. Inclusive participation and cross-departmental gatherings foster collaboration. Open workspaces encourage interaction, accessibility, and transparency. Prompt sharing of market news builds trust and cohesion.

ASK IT Limited is a company that places significant emphasis on employee happiness through a range of initiatives spanning different areas. In the sphere of Corporate Wellness, the company highly values its employees and recognizes their pivotal role in ensuring customer satisfaction.
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