Our Founder, Mr. Murphy Lai was invited by The University of Hong Kong (HKU) to be a Mentor at the Bachelor of Arts and Sciences (BASc) Green Career Roundtable 2024 to share insights and expectations with the students on 27 March 2024 at Loke Yew Hall, Main Building, HKU.

This event aims to connect the students with visionary minds from the realms of Entrepreneurship, NGOs, Finance, and Technology—sectors that stand at the forefront of innovation and social change. It also brings internship or graduate employment opportunities by obtaining guidance, and advice for their career planning, and encouragement for their personal development.

The event started with a warm welcome and introduction by Professor Pauline Chiu, the BASc Director at 4 pm. Immediately after two rounds of roundtable networking and sharing, there was a mini job fair exclusive for BASc students for the first time.  We are so happy to meet the students from HKU and hope that the students were greatly helped and inspired by us during the event.

View the highlights of the roundtable: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1CTzSOGfNVBRLcQVxaknVO0ZEV-qARIVi/view