Jobnote – Timecard Monitoring Tool

An easy-to-use timecard management and attendance system to increase work efficiency by multi-level monitoring

Jobnote is a timecard solution designed to help monitor work efficiency in multiple levels. Understanding it is more than usual for employees nowadays to work on different projects simultaneously, Jobnote offers unique function for users to view and log data based on team or project level.

Jobnote consists of 4 core modules, including attendance, timesheet, leave and expenses. Real-time data can be shown on a clear and simple interface, allowing user to view data in an organized way, favoring further analysis or planning.

Approval for leave and claim application has also been made comprehensive in Jobnote — it has to go through both project supervisor and team leader. This can allow project owner to view the working hours and expenses claim submitted in the name of the project. Cost and work efficiency of the project can be then analyzed at ease.

As an HR professional of over ten years’ experience, we offer other HR tools to combine with Jobnote note serving as a complete HR solution.

Core Modules of Jobnote

Why Jobnote?