Notebook / Laptop Rental

Flexible Notebook / Laptop Rental
with Cost Efficiency

Sharing economy is a hot topic. Share office, co-living place, staff secondment is getting popular because of cost-efficiency. The sharing trend does not benefit the startup only, SME, NGO, any business does. Here we would like to introduce our unique Notebook / Laptop Rental Program. We hope that you can have an alternative to try something new.

Technology is a must for any business, but to suddenly spend a huge expenditure may make things complicated; sometimes you just need resources for short-term projects need. Fast IT equipment set up with flexible payment is suitable for a new company and project. Besides hardware, mature cloud technology allows your website, email and share drive to be ready shortly as our additional services.

Notebook Laptop Sharing

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Why renting is better than purchasing?

ASKIT Operation Care Service

All hardware will be replaced by the equivalent of models
if there is any hardware failure.
The one-to-one replacement will be done within 3 days
with 10% of monthly hardware price. 

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