Preparing a box of tailor-made mooncake for our colleagues and clients becomes an ASK IT tradition activity. The execution team enjoys testing different mooncakes from different suppliers, working on the packaging and preparing the surprise. The “office factory” is full of laughers although it is the extra volunteer works for them.

We can proudly say that the mooncake is our “bestselling product” among our colleagues and clients. Everybody is so looking forward to it every Mid-Autumn Festival. So…what’s the killing part of this year’s mooncake?

We can call it a “Playful Mooncakes”. Besides the beautiful package, a special-designed magnetic toy, Mag6 is attached in the box to surprise everybody. People have fun by playing the toy while enjoying the delicious mooncakes from social enterprises, Angelchild and Mustard Seed Bakery adding great values to this year’s Mid-Autumn gift.

We are so happy to see every appreciation. Thank you so much and we wish you all happy Mid-Autumn Festival!