The possibility of youth is unlimited. One of our business trainees, Susan established a new social enterprise – NTL Recruitment Limited with her friends based on the experience she earned from ASK IT.

NTL stands for “Never Too Late” which is found by three undergraduates. It is committed to help women who are 45 years old or above with job matching service. It is found that the unemployment rate is increasing and senior females are more likely to be eliminated in first-round screenings. As a social enterprise, they hope to help the senior women earn a living as well as a positive life.

The concept of NTL includes elements of

  • Social Inclusion: helping the mid-old ages to return to workplace,
  • Response to Society: reducing the unemployment rate, and
  • Innovation: being the first-ever employment agency in Hong Kong catering to the needs of ladies aged 45 or above.

Their 3+1 service provides all-round support to the mid-old age talents by resume polishing, technical training courses, job matching service, and the ‘Return-Intern’ scheme. This social enterprise will be one of our recruitment arms focusing on mid-old-age talents.

To know more about NTL Recruitment, it’s Never To Late to visit them at