Look! How professional and confident of our consultants are? Four outstanding representatives in the area of business, human resources, recruitment and marketing are selected as the Company Ambassadors for the coming promotion activities.

A professional photo shooting day was arranged on 27 Sep 2022 in Owl Photo Studio. With the support from the photographer team, the shooting was smoothly completed under a relaxing atmosphere.

Where does the idea come from?

Due to the lack of talents on the labour market, our outsourcing service becomes popular. We received a few appreciation letters from our clients about our consultants recently saying they provide great help to their operation and would like invite them to join their team directly. When we have those great people in the team, why not show them off?

Thank you for trusting. Our consultants don’t consider to change at the moment. But they had a happy experience in this shooting day. We always believe that happy employees provide happy service creates happy clients.

Would like to meet our consultants? Feel free to contact us🙂