ASK IT was invited as a guest speaker by YOOV x HKT to share our working and management experience in the WFH Productivity and Effectiveness Seminar on 31 Mar 2022.

Since the outbreak of the new coronavirus, many companies have implemented a hybrid work model or fully work-from-home (WFH) to reduce the chance of infection for employees. When WFH becomes a trend, are the management and companies ready for this change? ASK IT as a representative of the modern HR generation, work anytime, anywhere is not new for us. IT x HR is our speciality. The way that we adopt technology to improve our operation and management is the focus during our sharing in this seminar.

“1 hour is too short because the whole session is fruitful” feedbacked from the participants. We were happy to hear that our sharing provided useful information and new ideas for hybrid work model and WFH management.

If you have similar operation headache, don’t hesitate to talk to us. We’d love to help anytime. Partnership and event invitation are welcome as well.