We have been working at home so long without exercise during this COVID period. As the epidemic trend continued to be stabilised, the Government announced the further relaxation of social distancing measures. It’s time to have some exercise and fun together during weekend after a long-hour working in front of the computer.

The 1st ASK IT Sports Day was held on 9 Jul 2022 in 3S Wellness & Sports Club. Our colleagues brought their friends and families as their strong supportive members. We have couples, sister and brothers, father and son etc. Age ranges from 3 years old to over 50 enjoyed running, cheering and laughing around the sport centre.

Dodgeball match is definitely the most popular game of the day. Both blue team and black team put in 100% energy to fight for the victory. After 3 rounds of keen competition, the blue team won and got a gold medal with cash reward. However, the Most Valuable Player (MVP) of the day came from the black team, King Fung, our Recruitment Consultant’s partner. He will enjoy prize of a 45-min ME TIME massage after the match.

No matter we got the prize or not, we all had spent a great afternoon together. Thank you for the Company to organize a such wonderful team building day. Here is the attractive sidelights: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RtbM1ses7MY