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Get the job done by Mr. Right Talent with our IT Headhunt & Staffing Service

Headhunters know the greatest asset of an organization is about talents. Highly motivated and capable people focus on getting the job done to bring your company great value. Those talents are hard to find. Why not give our Staffing Service a try?

With 10 years of IT recruitment experience, we have extensive knowledge and developed a network of candidates within the IT industry. Knowing the latest market information, we are confident to find your Mr. Right candidate.

IT Staffing Service
IT Staffing Service

Our Talent Acquisition Strategy

Are you finding difficult to find a suitable candidate for your demanding position? Our talent acquisition strategy can save you a great deal of time finding people to lead that growth forward. We believe caring is the key to attract talents, therefore we focus on building long term relationships with customers & candidates by understanding their needs and provide solutions in different employment and career stages.

Specialize in IT Industry

With our extensive knowledge of the IT industry, we know the type of candidate you are looking for.

Large Talent Pool

We are obsessive networkers meeting a lot of people, we know where to find the right talents.

Long Term Relationship

Other than money, we take care of your needs and fulfill them. Your success in career and business is ours.

Our Successful Stories

IT Staffing Service

Story 1: Over 6-year Staffing Service for Famous IT Enterprise

Amanda, our Business Admin Manager leads a team of six to provide project administrative service for a MNC over 6 years. She provides valuable BPO solution by simplifying the complex business process in order to provide more effectiveness to the customer, which improve its competitive advantages in the market due to productivity enhancement and operation cost reduction. We got thank you letter and contract renewal every year for this project. Now Amanda’s team works as an internal arm in customer’s company.


Story 2: From Candidate to Client

William is one of the candidates we had interviewed 5 years before. He is an experienced visionary that we referred him to work as a senior Analyst in a Multinational Company. After that, we keep in touch and share our industrial experience with him every time he needs help. As trust is built, he became our customer using our service. That’s how win-win to be achieved in real case.


Story 3: From IT Trainee to Project Manager

Alan is a Project Manager in a medium to large local IT Enterprise who used to be a fresh graduated IT Trainee in our company from IVE. He worked with us for 8 years with extensive training. During this period, he was seconded to different companies as an engineer to handle different kinds of projects. With his hard work and our training, he growth a lot and get customers’ appreciation. We are happy for him.


We love to walk with our candidates /
clients and see them growth.