During the hot summer of 2021, ASK IT has sponsored the drama “Lop-ear” by the Drama Society of The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology. We are so proud to be involved in such an event which was constructed by young’s sweat and tear. As our director, Murphy Lai always quote, “If we don’t have any dream in life, we’ll look like a salted fish.”.  


Some say summer tastes sweet, some say it tastes bitter. In the drama they say it’s the taste of blood rust. But we say it’s the taste of young energy. Looking at the student playing so hard in the drama, that’s the first word that came into our mind. And it reminds us that, sharing will always lead to happiness.  


The drama is a story about the journey of redemption and discovering the true self of the characters. The title “Lop-ear” of the drama, Scottish Fold is a cute but pitiable species. Like the minorities in society, sometimes it’s hard for them to face their true feelings due to the pain. In the drama, the students introduced a new experience to audiences to let them choose the ending by voting between “Redemption” and “Destruction”.  


The students from the UST Drama Society give us a surprise by showing their creativity and attitude in the drama. It’s always a correct choice to support such kind of energetic youngers. And we wish everyone can have a bright future and have even greater success!